Web Hosting uptime & server speed report

Web Hosting services, when one buys it, they should do it carefully. There are many factors that play a part in the web hosting business. We bloggers and webmasters as consumers should weigh every possibility before buying a web hosting package. Can they handle your demands, is there sufficient manpower that can help me solve every difficulty with my purchase. Each and every term has its own importance when it comes to buying a web hosting service. A2 Web hosting is a prominent Web hosting provider in the market and has many positive reviews, let’s look if it has the qualities that on expects from a web hosting provider.Here we are going to review their uptime & server speed report.

Web Hosting Company Qualities to look for?

Age of Web Hosting Company:

The age, how old is the web hosting company, you’re considering. Always try to find out the age of the Web hosting company. The older the company, the more trusted it is expected to be. Most cases, this is the scenario. The older the Hosting seller gets, the more people tend to buy from them. They tend to get popular by age. Most of them are in this case. Older Web hosting companies are more trusted than those which are new. A2 Web hosting is one of the oldest and the most reputed web hosting providers and has a powerful support team and better servers than most competitors.

Loading Speeds and Uptime

If your website has poor loading speeds and low uptime, your audience will not stick to the website and this will result in greater bounce rate of your website. This is quite concerning as audience retention is everything on the world wide web. A2 Hosting has proven to be the industry standard in Loading Speeds and Uptime Guarantee of 99% Here is the Loading Speeds Report:-

Now let’s take a look at their uptime & server speed report

The company has the most efficient SSD servers which store each and every file from operating system to the databases in High-Speed Solid State Drives for optimal performance.

The Response times according to Bitcatcha’s speed report is as follows:-

US(W): 58 ms

US(E): 30 ms

London: 229 ms

Singapore: 449 ms

Sao Paulo: 595 ms

Pune: 497 ms

Japan: 510 ms

Overall Grade: A

This is quite impressive for a web hosting service in the price range of $3.92/month. If we do a comparison with other web hosts in the same price range, others won’t be able to score more than a grade B.

Uptime Report:

The Uptime Scores of A2 web hosting were measured in a period of a month (30 days). The results were unexpected.

Apart from one or two times where the uptimes went below 99.9%, the test site’s 30-day uptime scores were regularly above 99.9%. I have been really pleased with their uptime.

So these are the things you should consider before buying a web hosting package from any web hosting company. Good support, High Speeds and Uptimes, that is all you need to get started with your internet journey. As you can see from their uptime & server speed report A2 Web Hosting provides everything in the best possible way. I guess, after reading this, you can go ahead and buy the best web hosting service with full confidence.