Football gear you need to be prepared for any game

Football has become one of the most popular games in the entire history of America. However, it is a rough game because of the constant collisions and the contacts made during the game.  Players should familiarize themselves with different pieces of many types of equipment which help them to perform even better and what it is important is to keep everything safe.  You should learn how to buy different protective gear and pads that every player should have. The coaches and the players should learn how to buy good and quality equipments over the internet, how to get the best fit and how to choose the best equipments depending on their positions.

Even if the balls are known as pigskins, the footballs may be made using different materials and they range from rubbers, leather, synthetic, plastic, foam and also full grain leather.  The footballs are also found in different sizes and shapes. The football maybe used in the competitions in the pick-up games or even being used in water.

When you check the Elite Gear Reviews, you will find that football is in different sizes and they fit different levels and ages. The full-size NFL regulation for football is 11 inches starting from its tip to another tip and it should be 22 inches in the circumference. The competition balls may decrease the size and they get even smaller when it is a collegiate level and they continue to reduce down to the high school, to the middle school and to the flag football or Pop Warner. The best football is that made in the full-grain leather and it is known to be of the highest quality material that can be used to make football. However, they are also most expensive football.  Buyers who want to save money, they do buy the synthetic imitations or composite leather. Recreational players and children may buy the balls made in the rubber and they are easier to throw, to catch and they are not expensive.  The indoors footballs are made using foam. They let the kids to be able to play even in the rainy days and they do not damage the household items.

In the Elite Gear Reviews, you can also find more information on how to choose face protection and football helmets.  Football is a dangerous sport but using the right equipment will reduce the injuries. Your head is the most vulnerable area when it comes to football and it is important to protect it using the right chin straps, facemasks, helmets, mouth guards and faceguards.

The helmet is an important gear to have when you start to play football. A Helmet is used to protect you against the brain and the head injuries or from the collisions that takes place while in the field.  The helmet has to fit well if you want to achieve the best protection. There are different brands that have also different sizes. However, it is good to read the description of the helmet and its size.  It is good to be aware of the size of your head by measuring the circumference and then choose the helmet that will fit well.