Phases in the construction of a building

We are a group of companies dedicated to providing agile, efficient and appropriate services to the needs of each client in various areas of engineering: construction and maintenance of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Telecommunications infrastructure. At present, our company has the presence at a national and international level in countries. This building services company is a construction and engineering services company for large projects in different sectors, with more than 20 years of experience.

At this building services company, we take care of providing integral construction and engineering services. We are a construction services company, with extensive experience in the market. We have the infrastructure and resources necessary to provide a quality service, tailored to your possibilities and with the greatest possible efficiency. We have worked in different sectors of construction from companies in the oil sector to companies in the public sector; thanks to the operational capacity of our company we have been able to consolidate large-scale projects in such a way that our customers have been one hundred percent satisfied.

In each of the projects that we start, we are always concerned about meeting the delivery deadlines, as well as using the highest quality inputs; consequently, the final result is to the liking of our customers and meets the high-quality standards of our company. We have had work fronts and large projects throughout the Colombian territory. We work hand in hand with large multinational companies from different sectors. this building services company is your strategically for the execution of projects at a national and international level, we are specialists in providing solutions to the needs and requirements of your construction project.

We are proud of our adaptability and ingenuity in the application of best practices and new ideas to solve the most complex construction challenges of our clients. In every effort, regardless of type, complexity, or client, a constant is maintained: we perform the work. we devise innovations, solve problems and inspire each other to face the challenges of each project.

Phases in the construction of a building

Since the first stone of a building is laid down until it is completely finished, it can go from months to years, depending on the size and complexity of the construction. However, there are several phases in the process of building a building that cannot be missed. We describe them below. This building services company offers the following stages;

  1. Previous phase

Before beginning construction, all prior documentation must be completed and approved. This includes the contract, plans, etc. A general calculation of all expenses is also made. When the work is to begin, the perimeter closures that separate the construction area from the public spaces are made.

  1. Foundations

Before the foundations are laid, there is a lot of work to be done. The ground must be examined, cleaned and excavated. Often, the top layer of the soil is removed and the fragments are stacked elsewhere for later use. The plumbing and foundations are installed and inspected. Then the foundations are poured. As with all aspects of construction, time can play an important role in delays when laying the foundations.

  1. Structure

The exterior walls, interior partitions, and the roof are mounted. This usually means erecting the skeleton of the place. Now is the time to get the air conditioning of the building, by installing the coatings, roof, tiles, exterior doors and windows. The building acquires its almost final shape (only the skin is missing).

  1. Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical

Water pipes, waste pipes, water heaters, air conditioning system, ducts, electrical wiring, lighting, TV, telephone, audio, and security wiring – the intestines of the new building – are installed during this stage. Special installations include elevators, electricity transformers, pumping equipment, industrial extractors, vertical refuse chutes and solar panels.

  1. Completions

In this stage, all the last points of interest are done, including the establishment and testing of electrical, mechanical frameworks, and the establishment of roofs, entryways, baseboards, window outlines, floor covers, ledges, cupboards, tiles, apparatuses, mirrors, lights, fixtures, and showers. Legitimate writing computer programs are the way to smoothing progress. Every one of the dividers of the building is painted. The phases that have been described can partially overlap, and one can start before the previous one has finished. They can even suffer variations, as in the case of the construction of ecological houses. So are the phases of the process of building a building.

So, this building services company offers an integrated workflow and process management for a controlled and efficient execution of multidisciplinary projects and modifications. Plus, we also offer proven project management procedures to handle mechanical construction projects of all types, sizes, and degrees of complexity. All the work is done by professionals and that too in an effective manner.